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A tip of the hat to hardworking philanthropists

Look out your window, Aspenites.

Chances are it’s stunningly beautiful out. Spring is in full swing, the snow’s melting, the bushes are budding and the grass is up and green. The change of seasons in the Roaring Fork Valley is a source of joy and wonder.

Every Aspenite knows this. Most of us moved here for the air, the sky, the views, the mountains. But there’s a drawback to this Rocky Mountain bliss. We all know at least one Aspenite who lives in a state of arrested development, someone who’s been blissed out for too many years skiing powder and worshipping the sun, who’s all but forgotten about the world outside.

That’s why the people on our cover this week, Susie and Joe Krabacher, are doubly impressive.

A successful Aspen couple, Joe and Susie have almost everything a person could want. How easy it would be for the Krabachers to rest on their laurels, buy a big house and a big car and live the Aspen dream.

To some degree, they do live this way. Most of us do.

It’s what the Krabachers do with the rest of their time that makes them an inspiration. From Aspen, the glitziest of mountain resorts, they run a foundation dedicated to easing the suffering and saving the lives of children in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere ” Haiti. Today, there are some 2,000 children in their indirect care, receiving food, shelter, medical care or education in one of the Krabachers’ schools or orphanages.

Lest anyone assume that the Krabachers are absentee benefactors, read the story and take a look at the photos. Susie, especially, is a hands-on angel of mercy who doesn’t shy away from the streets, slums and even morgues of that destitute, underdeveloped country.

The Krabachers’ dedication is more than admirable. It’s heroic ” especially coming from a well-insulated Shangri-La like Aspen.

It’s all too easy to forget that Aspen is part of a much larger and much harder world. Susie and Joe Krabacher show that we can all be active, caring, committed participants ” not just here, but anywhere.