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A time of change

Dear Editor:Now that the matter of the renaming of the Paepcke has been resolved, and I think wisely, it may be time to step back and reflect on what happened. I know the Resnicks are hurt but, as I will try to explain, it was not about them. The huge majority of the people who wrote, often vitriolic, had certainly never met the Resnicks and would not know them if they bumped into them on the street. I have met them and they are charming, funky people whom I think most of you would like. They just got caught in something that was not their fault.Those of us who have been around here for many years – I came in the mid-’60s when the Physics Center opened – have seen decades of change. Some of this has been very good. I can remember when the merchants objected to the malls on the grounds that they would be bad for business. Who objects now? Ditto the ban on cigarette smoking in bars and restaurants. All good. But some has been bad. The vanity megahouses are a disgrace. But they do not interfere with my life, so let it be. However in the last couple of years things are happening that do interfere with my life. We are now down to one movie theater and what assurance do we have that it too will not disappear? The Ute City Bank, where many us found significant and insignificant others is, on the interior, a hole in the ground. The Limelite is about to be turned into who knows what. Explore Booksellers is up for sale. The Wienerstube and the Ajax Bike & Sport store are under the gun. You can all make your own list. For most people, including myself, there is a sense of powerlessness. The City Council keeps invoking “the code.” If it meets code then we can’t stop it. It reminds me of the surgeon who said that the operation was successful but the patient died. But the renaming of Paepcke Auditorium – that was an easy call and it was the last straw. That is what provoked the cry of rage.I think it is time for the elected leaders here to understand the mood and, if they can’t, then it is time to elect people who can.Jeremy BernsteinAspen

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