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A three-headed commissioner

Dear Editor:

I would like to congratulate Rob Ittner, Elizabeth Milias and Marilyn Marks on their victorious election to the Pitkin County commission. It’s not quite a prestigious mayoral seat, but it’s a good stepping stone.

Pitkin County is relatively unknown and provincial compared to Aspen. This is a historic first in Pitkin County politics. The voters of Pitkin County have spoken, in an uncharacteristically conservative voice: We want less spending and we want more jobs, for more people.

We want three people to occupy one seat, figuratively of course, and we want the salary that we pay to be split three ways as well. That’s three jobs for the price of one. Instant Results Virtually (IRV).

Please prepare the commissioners chambers with three new seats or stools at once, whatever’s cheaper to us the taxpayers. Marilyn on the left, Rob in the middle, and Elizabeth on the right … or whatever looks best on TV.

Now let’s get busy fixing the crippling economic and personal problems our government has created for us!

Lo Semple


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