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A thankless job

Dear Editor:

I notice with dismay that Jennifer Long has written her first letter to the editor (“Unhappy Trails,” Aspen Times, June 3). I say “with dismay” because the letter is yet another deposit of personal bile onto our public discourse. The forum already stinks aplenty with this stuff.

Perhaps there’s merit in Jennifer’s complaint against officer John Armstrong. Perhaps not. I can’t let it pass, however, without observing that officer Armstrong’s duty is thankless enough. It is dirty work indeed, which this community has long needed, and which no one else has done so well.

On the other hand, to be walking this county’s trails is to notice no end of that other sort of citizenry – who couldn’t care less when their pets run free to make a stinking mess. For years I’ve been amazed what otherwise decent people can so casually impose on the rest of us, as though all should accept the fouling of our public venues and places of natural beauty.

I’ve wondered why the county was taking so long to address this insult. Now I know. To read the abuse Jennifer heaps on officer Armstrong, I understand the trial his work must be, day in and day out, and why so few would do it.

And I feel more than ever bothered by such ill-mannered carping as Jennifer’s. In a spirit of civility, then, I offer this: 1) Let all who have legitimate complaints make noise with the proper agencies, and 2) Let them go public without resort to defamation, gossip-mongering, and other violations of fairness.

Much as I, too, despise authoritarian imposition, my hat is off to John and all who strive to serve us well.

Chris King


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