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A thank-you and a health update

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to send out a huge thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all the e-mails, cards, donations and prayers. To Grayson, Steve, Beth, Scott, Missy, Wes, Babs, Paul, uncle Mike, Columbo, Winston, Toddy, Kathy and countless others for all the time and effort y’all put in for the second annual “Pete” weekend in Aspen.

Never does a day go by without hearing from someone via e-mail, Facebook, etc.; it’s been unbelievable! I was really bummed that I couldn’t be in Aspen over the weekend but being able to see everyone on the computer was really cool. It’s hard to express all the emotions I was feeling seeing everyone at the park and Kenichi, overwhelming gratitude to say the least! I think about our friend Bryan Sax often and the fact that he was robbed of the opportunity to see and feel how many people loved him; getting a bear hug from Bryan would instantly turn your bad day around; it just sucks how quickly life can change. One of the many reasons why y’all mean the world to me, I know every day that in some way you go to bat for me and I feel the love. It has impacted not just me but my entire family; thanks to all of you my good days easily out number the bad ones! 🙂

Health update: I’m feeling pretty good these days, aside from the occasional need for the cough machine (pushes air into my lungs then pulls it back out), which has been a lifesaver (literally) getting this nasty mucus out of my lungs (TMI? Sorry). My weight seems to be stable, if I had to guess I’d say I’m in the 135-140 range, although my caregivers might disagree as they have to move my fat ass? All in all it feels like the progression of the ALS has leveled off so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Anywho, these days I spend most of my time watching TV, listening to music and surfing the web, so basically I’m living the life of a 16-year-old pot-smoking surfer kid from Santa Cruz, minus the ALS, of course, and the fact that I can’t jump in my jeep and race to the closest Taco Bell when the munchies come calling! 🙂

The eye-gaze computer has been awesome; without it I’m certain Teresa and Ron would have pulled the plug months ago, as rumor has it I can be a little demanding? But honestly, being able to e-mail, use the Internet, control the TV and talk has given me a sense of normalcy and independence, which has been a huge emotional boost! We can also hook it to the mac daddy plasma and I can see who I’m chatting with via Skype, totally cool! Even cooler, I can access Netflix and download movies directly to my BluRay device; technology rocks!

Bottom line, ALS sucks and it will continue to suck until we find a cure, but until then I intend on staying positive, enjoying life and thanking god daily for my amazing family and friends. I love you guys tons, take care and God bless! 🙂

Pete Hinojosa

San Jose, Calif.


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