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A Super Bowl-sized argument

Dear Editor:

Are you a Patriots (New England) fan? Here are five reasons why you should root for the Giants (New York) not the Patriots, in the Super Bowl.

1. Eli Manning for the Giants is a great quarterback. I think it is Eli Manning’s turn to win a Super Bowl. Tom Brady already has won multiple Super Bowls. I think Eli needs to win a Super Bowl.

2. If you were rooting for the Packers (Green Bay), it makes the Packers look better than the Chargers, and the Chargers (San Diego) are in the Broncos’ (Denver) division, so the Broncos look better.

3. The Patriots play with a lot of money, and the Giants don’t play for money. The Patriots can afford many all-stars, like Randy Moss, Teddy Bruschi, and Tom Brady. The Giants only have some like Eli Manning.

4. I think it would be bad if the Red Sox and the Patriots won their championship in the same year. If the Giants won it would even it out.

5. You may say I want to see them go undefeated the whole season but they didn’t. They cheated in the beginning of the season. They got fined the most in NFL history, and lost some draft picks. If this happened to another team, it would have meant a lot to them. The Patriots just paid it and went to buy their draft picks from some other teams.

I hope that I have convinced you to root for the Giants. It would be good to see the Patriots go down. One more thing … GO GIANTS!

Max Marolt,


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