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A student’s take on 3E

Dear Editor:

My name is Nikole, and I’m a freshman at Basalt High School. I am in band, choir, art and soccer. We really, really need 3E to pass because if it doesn’t, our school and all the other schools in the Re-1 district may lose art, band, choir, sports, teachers and other staff members.

The school gives the band $2,000 a year. On average, it takes $20,000 to run a program like our band program. The students and parent volunteers already raise the other $18,000.

If we lose more money, our band program is going away, along with the 150 kids in the fifth-through-high school band. That is a lot of wasted talent.

Also, in the high school concert choir alone we have 47 kids, lots of talent there too. Our fall musical and spring play may not happen if 3E doesn’t pass. If we lose more teachers, our classes will have 30-45 students in a room. Already it is hard for teachers to teach the 20-30 kids in their classroom. If there are 30-45 there is no way that we will learn what we need to.

If 3E passes, depending on the value of your house, your property taxes will be about the same as they are now, if not less due to falling home values. If home values go back up, the amount to fund 3E will stay the same since it is a fixed amount. Our schools need the money.

Every day, one of the study hall classes sets up the cafeteria for lunch, because we don’t have the staff to do it. That takes away the time we have for getting extra help from our teachers, or getting our homework done.

If you ask how many kids do some kind of sport, you will get almost every single hand in the air. Most kids play one sport, or have a brother or sister or friends who do. If 3E doesn’t pass, many sports won’t have the funding to keep up the fields, uniforms and buses to play these sports. The lights on the football field won’t be on, the softball and baseball fields won’t have enough dirt to play. On the soccer field, the boys are already mowing, and they paint the lines themselves.

As students, we earn Ex-Ed trips that reward us for having good grades or turning in our homework. We get to choose an activity that is fun, but educational. For example, on Oct. 7 we had our first Ex-Ed. Some students chose to hike up Maroon Bells, others to play disk golf. Some went rafting and others went on the wild tour up at the Glenwood Caverns.

If 3E doesn’t pass, we may lose these privileges. Please, as a member of our community, vote yes on 3E. If you don’t, our public schools, our kids and our community will greatly suffer.

Please vote yes on 3E!

Nikole Simecek


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