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A student’s take on 3E

Dear Editor:

I’m too young to vote but not too young to create an awareness. My name is Emily Adams; I am 12 years old and a seventh-grader at Basalt Middle School. I would like to express the importance of art, music, team sports and field trips in our schools. I have put together a series of photos and words titled “If you give a kid …” and created a website to share the importance and a way to express to voting citizens why they should vote yes on 3E.

My website is titled “Just Emily I,” a kid making a difference step by step. Please visit me at http://www.justemilyi.com and you’ll see why to vote yes on 3E.

To all of you that can vote, just imagine the difference you can make in our schools and community by voting yes!

Emily Adams

seventh grade, Basalt Middle School

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