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A student speaks out

Despite recent efforts to explain their motivations, I am still unsure of why Carrie Morgridge and Laurie Michaels appear to be so wary of Tom Farrell’s continued employment as our superintendent.

I am hurt and offended by their pursuit because I am a student at Aspen High School. Tom has been, unlike most administrators, an educator and a direct influence in many of our lives, as well as a friendly adult to whom we can talk.

I can only imagine the hurt the Farrell family is feeling after all that they have given to our community. I am sorry this conflict happened, and I hope Tom does not leave, although I understand why he would.

People say being a teenager is hard, but adult politics sometimes seem much more harsh than high school gossip. I suppose this letter will go largely unnoticed, which is sad because, after all, this whole mess is about the students – or am I wrong?

I find that we are left in the dark most of the time. Without students, there is no conflict, and yet we are completely uninvolved.

On May 25, I will gladly accept my diploma from Tom, and thank him personally for his hard work and efforts to ensure my education in the Aspen School District was a success. I can only hope that seniors to follow will be so fortunate.

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Jenny Harris, senior

Aspen High School

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