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A street-smart plan

Dear Editor:

“Leaving” the elections behind us, we feel compelled to send a shout-out from the Historical Society to the city thanking the guys who clean the streets.

After our landscapers (supernaturals, who cleaned the entire gigantic Wheeler/Stallard Museum grounds in a matter of hours) put the gazillion gallons of dead leaves into the street, we were worried that we might be violating some city statute. We watched with trepidation the next day as the street cleaner came by and made a wide swath around the yellow and orange piles hugging the curb. “Whoops!?!”

It was only a short time later, however, that a front loader and dump truck showed up to pack away the detritus, and the sweeper showed up for another pass before the day was done.

Evidently it was all part of the plan. Thanks to everyone involved – bring on winter, and the return of Time Travel Tuesdays!

Mike Monroney

history coach, Aspen Historical Society

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