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A stream of bad behavior

Dear Editor:A “new low” for Aspen, although I fear we are facing many more “new lows.” I was walking from my home into town on Friday, Aug. 10. As I approached the City Market at 11:20 a.m., five Hispanic men (yes, they were Hispanic as they were all speaking Spanish to one another) jumped out of a vehicle. Two unzipped their pants and began urinating between the two mail boxes located next to the City Market building. The other three stood behind them awaiting their turns. No doubt they were on their way into the store to purchase lunch. This is probably a work day routine for them; they find it more convenient to relieve themselves on the street rather than use the public restrooms that are available.I fear that our previously very safe, very clean little community will soon be like other communities plagued with crime and bad behavior – the things we were trying to get away from when we moved here.Paulette PerkinsAspen