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A strange precedent

Dear Editor:

There are few words to describe the brilliance of a severance agreement in which the concept of contract could be so distorted.

When most people think “severance” they think of compensation earned and paid to someone for termination due to job elimination or some other painful circumstance beyond the control of the person holding the position. To “negotiate” a payment for both quitting or being fired makes it plain why this county manager quit. Why would anyone not quit when there was only an incentive to quit?

Is this worthy of the quid pro quo of a contract? Why wouldn’t there be a penalty paid by the county manager for quitting one’s contract early since it apparently will cost the county money to hire someone else? If the county was afraid this person would quit early and cost the county … need we say more.

When Barry Sanders quit the Detroit Lions and his career he gave them back $5.5 million and was still the best running back in the NFL for what became the biggest losing team in NFL history.

Hopefully, the county will rethink this strange golden handcuffs precedent.

H.M. Loud


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