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A stinky situation

Aspen Times Staff

Forget about bear encounters. Two people in the Wingo Junction area had a wildlife encounter Thursday night that really stunk.

The occupants fled a residence on Hunter Logan Lane, between Holland Hills and Lazy Glen, when they were overtaken by fumes at about 8:45 p.m. An ambulance and truck from the Basalt Fire Department were dispatched to the scene for a possible natural gas leak.

It was a gas leak, all right, and it was natural. But instead of coming from an appliance or ruptured pipe, the gas was from a skunk.

Responders from the fire department reported to the Pitkin County communications dispatch that a skunk made its way into the basement and had unleashed its pungent spray.

The occupants were checked out by medical personnel but not transported to a hospital. No word was available on where they planned to spend the night.

As of deadline it was uncertain if the skunk had the rule of the roost for the night. A Pitkin County wildlife officer was being called to the scene.