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A step toward greatness

Dear Editor:It’s 11:30 p.m., just a couple of hours after the presidential debate, and I just went online to weigh in with ABC News about my response to the debate. The poll was closed, the powers that be have already spun the outcome of the debate – Kerry won but apparently it didn’t gain him any more support. Hmmm, interesting.If people took the time to respond to the poll, you would think that would be a pretty good measure of support. I’m so tired of the corporate media spin, the daily poll drama, the political soap opera that mocks the sacred practice of democracy. I hope there are enough of us who can listen critically to the debate of two leaders and decide for ourselves who offered more thoughtful, more fact-based, more sane answers to the vast challenges facing our nation and our world – without being told what to think by a media that is owned by entities that benefit from a compliant citizenry.For me, there was no question. I was impressed by John Kerry’s grasp of the global stage, and by his acknowledgment of the collaboration and relationship building that it will take for us to gain the trust of the world’s nations – a trust dearly needed in order to create a secure world. With our states in hawk and our nation’s social infrastructure unraveling, we simply cannot afford to “stay on the offensive” as Bush suggests.Perhaps the greatest truth Kerry spoke was when he stated that with Bush we can count on one thing – more of the same. Personally, more of Bush’s world is more dismal than I care to imagine. Certainly, we are capable of something far greater. Let’s take a step toward that with John Kerry. And it will remain our job as citizens to hold Kerry accountable to that greatness after Nov. 2.Gwen GarcelonCarbondale

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