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A step in the wrong direction

Dear Editor:

I am appalled by Carolyn Sackariason’s “On The Hill” editorial that you deigned fit for print in Tuesday’s Aspen Times (Feb. 10). While I understand her anger at the behavior of a “few bad apples,” her sweeping generalization that all snowboarders “are punks” is unacceptable garbage.

Was it the hiking at high altitude that caused Carolyn to forget the Civil Rights and Women’s Suffrage struggles of the last century? Her tirade against the snowboarding population reeks of the same kind of ignorance and intolerance that was set forth by opponents of those movements. Was it the snow in her eyes that caused her to lose sight of the fact that we live in a country that prides itself on acceptance, equality and diversity? It was eight short years ago that segregation was abolished on our beloved Ajax and her tirade is a huge step in the wrong direction for skier-snowboarder relations.

If I were to apply similar logic to Carolyn Sackariason, I would say that in general she is a level-headed journalist but that her one hot-headed rant sure did taint the integrity of her oeuvre.

One would think that a publication in such dire straits as your own in a town with multiple daily news sources would refrain from alienating entire segments of the population. A printed retraction will allay a boycott by local snowboarders. We wouldn’t want to see you reduce your publishing schedule to five days.

Oliver Sharpe


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