A special valley

Dear Editor: On Tuesday evening, I went to the Hotel Jerome for the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation annual meeting to receive money for a grant it made to the Aspen Youth Center. I listened to testimonials from people like Kurt Bresnitz, Greg Hills, Cristal Logan and Laurie McBride about ways in which the hospital staff has helped them in times of need. I watched nurses come forward who are grateful for the scholarships the medical foundation has given them. I witnessed as our organization and many others went up to receive grant monies from Kris Marsh, executive director of the foundation. As I sat there, I once again thought about what an awesome community we live in – what a giving one. I thought of how fortunate organizations such as mine are to have the Aspen Valley Medical Foundation, which is so generous with its funds. I wouldn’t have known much about the AVMF unless I attended this meeting and had been a recipient of a grant. So for any of you who have given to the medical foundation, I want to say thank you. So many of us are grateful and will use this money wisely.It is a time of giving. All of our residents and businesses get asked so often to donate money or goods for nonprofits (so many!) in our valley, and I’m sure at times that gets tiresome. What I want all of you to know is, we are so very thankful and it is all of you, including the AVMF and all its donors, that makes our valley so unique and special.May all of you have a wonderful holiday season.Allison DailyAspen Youth Center