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A sod story

Dear Editor:

What a mess! I arrived at the ARC at 11:25 a.m. Tuesday to be a little early for the free sod giveaway that was supposed to start at noon. After an hour and a half in line I was told that there was a waiting list. I gave my name and number and was told the wait would be approximately one to three hours.

Well, I waited, and waited. Luckily I live in the area so I wasn’t too far away when they called. But they didn’t. At 4:30 I called the parks department. They said there were about 20 names in front of me and that I would most likely get some sod. This afternoon I called at 12:30 p.m. and was told that the sod was spoken for and no more was available.

As a side note, between 12 and 1 while I was waiting in line, I only saw three trucks pass by with sod. All three had trailers, and all three were commercial businesses in the valley. Each had six to eight pallets of sod on their trailers. Of the 20 or so vehicles that passed me empty, many were cars or SUVs. I had to wonder who the intended recipients of this sod were, and if the three city trucks that I saw got any. One of which was a school-department truck. Which I would’ve gladly given my free sod for. I also had to wonder if these companies were going to charge their clients for this sod.

Although I think that offering this was a better alternative to tilling and composting it, I’m sure that a company memo to all city departments would have gotten all that sod claimed just as quickly. And at a future savings on taxpayer dollars.

Joe McMenimen

Snowmass Village

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