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A snapshot of Aspen opinions

The results from two public meetings that packed the Hotel Jerome ballroom Wednesday afternoon and evening are now available.

The city gave people instant tally pads to get a snapshot of opinions on 70 questions, mostly relating to the pace and character of development and growth in Aspen.

For the most part, residents said the rate of growth in Aspen is a problem City Council is not doing enough about. The opinions of the roughly 500 people who attended the two sessions are now available on the city’s website. A selection of some of the questions and responses follows (responses are tallied as percents).

Aspen and I am not registered to vote 7.94

Aspen and I am registered to vote 55.09

Pitkin County 17.37

Garfield County 3.97

Eagle County 6.95

Second-home owner in the region 6.45

Other 2.23

(403 responses)

It is not a problem to find here 14.78

I drive downvalley to buy my underwear 52.51

I buy my underwear on the Internet 15.57

How many pairs of beaded thongs do I need? 1.85

Who cares, I don’t wear underwear 15.30

(379 responses)

Long-term 8.02

Short-term 16.04

Fluctuating 46.87

No 21.80

I’m not sure 7.27

(399 responses)

Likely to become more vibrant and interesting 19.18

Noisy, dusty and congested 27.26

Unfriendly to tourists 2.85

Evolving into something I think I will enjoy 13.0

Losing its character 33.91

None of the above 3.80

(699 responses ” multiple responses allowed)

It’s overwhelming and degrading my quality of life 45.67

It’s a natural cycle and I just live with it 15.87

Development has more positive features than negative 8.89

Construction goes with a healthy economy 13.70

Short-term negative impacts are worth it in the long run 15.87

(416 responses)

Strongly Agree 55.31

Agree 26.57

Neutral 9.42

Disagree 6.52

Strongly Disagree 2.17

(414 responses)

We are a resort first, a community second 29.58

A little more resort than community 22.98

It’s a nice balance between the two 30.81

A little more community than resort 10.02

We are a community first, a resort second 6.60

(409 responses)

Favors the community over the resort in most of their decisions 15.40

Favors the resort over the community in most of their decisions 43.69

Their decisions have been pretty equal 16.92

I don’t know 23.99

(396 responses)

Strongly Agree 46.84

Agree 21.12

Neutral 7.77

Disagree 15.29

Strongly Disagree 8.98

(412 responses)

Consistent with their decisions 2.50

Inconsistent with their decisions 25.50

Bends to last minute pressures instead of adhering to long-range plans that are in place 32.33

Juggling competing priorities and it’s impossible to make everyone happy, and I understand that 18.17

Too quick to say “I don’t like it” and refuse a project on that basis 10.50

Not all decisions are created equal so how consistent can council be? 11

(600 responses ” multiple responses allowed)

Build more downtown 12.75

Build more anywhere possible 29

We have enough 18

Make developers incorporate it into their projects 36

I don’t know what I think about it. 4.25

(400 responses)

Strongly agree 31.58

Agree 31.05

Neutral 10.00

Disagree 16.84

Strongly Disagree 10.53

(380 responses)

Very important 76.29

Important 15.46

Neutral 3.35

Not important 3.35

Very unimportant 1.55

( 388 responses)

Strongly agree 21.64

Agree 22.39

Neutral 12.69

Disagree 33.58

Strongly Disagree 9.70

(134 responses ” question asked only in evening session)

People 1.93

Buildings 3.61

Events 3.13

Traffic 74.70

All 2.17

Answer not given 14.46

(415 responses)

Big picture windows close to the sidewalk 6.60

Interesting nooks between buildings 8.32

The ornate detail along the tops of older buildings 16.79

Outdoor restaurant seating 24.25

The variety of colors and materials on buildings 18.79

Buildings that have public space in front of them (Zele, Paradise Bakery) 25.25

(697 responses ” multiple answers allowed)

Strongly agree 36.88

Agree 33.44

Neutral 6.56

Disagree 16.25

Strongly disagree 6.88

(320 responses)

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