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A smarter approach

Dear Editor:I hope the Burlingame Village petition provokes structured public debate to replace the hit-and-run letters method. Voters deserve a full airing minus the very tedious defamation and partiality that now occlude the controversy.Concerning the petitions, remember that officials might vilify a voter referendum one day and righteously enact one the next. The preannexation agreement in fact provided for public intervention.Personally, I think we can do better than repeating the same failed, visionless paradigm of suburban worker warehousing that blights the eastern slope. After all, we’re talking about sequestering about a tenth of Aspen’s entire population in Burlingame – all working class. It’s hard for me to warm up to a social divide that severe. Isn’t there a smarter approach? Let’s take a breath and talk about it.Dan SadowskyAspen

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