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A small-town problem?

If the voters think that the S-curves add to the ambiance of our “small” town, they should think about the following:

Approximately 28,000 vehicles cross the Castle Creek Bridge every workday. Of these, 850 to 900 trips are made by RFTA buses, approximately 5,320 pickup trucks cross the bridge (19 percent), approximately 1,400 18-wheelers and single-cab trucks cross the bridge, and a fair number of school buses are added to the mix morning and evening.

Does this sound like a “small town” traffic problem?

Forty-thousand people have to cross the bridge every day ? workers, visitors, business people and school kids.

Please understand that this is a problem that will only get worse, and preserving the S-curves is the worst mistake that this community can make.

Mass transit does not work on the S-curves, period!

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Vote for the modified-direct as the only way to help mass transit in our valley.

Richie Cohen


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