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A small, loud minority

Dear Editor:I too would like to contradict the article with regard to Skiing Co. ambassadors titled “Up in arms,” dated Jan 2.This is my second year as an ambassador at Highlands, a job which I consider to be an honor and a privilege. My colleagues are wonderful and I consider them to be as happy in their posts as I am – we relish the day that we put in on the hill together. We are totally appreciated by our managers and fellow colleagues and have a wonderful report with our mountain manager, Ron Chauner.I have found Chris Kelly to be a charming lady with an immensely positive attitude in how to make the program as great as it could be. It saddens me that she had to be subjected to a personal slander in this very public way.At the end of the day, this is a job about being there for our clients and customers and representing Skico to the best of our ability – not for personal gain or convenience.I was sorry to see that the opinion of a small minority would seemingly be portrayed to represent the larger majority, which really is not the case.Arabella Beavers Aspen