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A sleigh shovel to get through the recession

Chad Spangler Aspen Times

Recently The Aspen Times reported that despite the recession, the tourists are still showing up this ski season.

At least that’s what some business leaders claimed, reasoning that the combination of abundant snow and low air-fares is helping salvage what could have been a disaster of a ski season.

And what does this have to do with a Gear Review? I’m glad you asked.

Say hello to the 24-inch wide, 61-inch long Yukon Sleigh Shovel by Garant Inc., an outdoor appliance that I’ve gotten to know pretty well because of the economy and the snowfall.

Last fall my Homeowners’ Association voted not to retain our snow-shoveling service. Apparently we went way over budget last year in this department because of the boatloads of snow that didn’t stop falling until May.

So we figured we might as well shovel ourselves to keep down the costs. This decision actually was made before the current recession officially was declared a recession. Whatever ” anything to save a buck.

What this means to me is that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if there’s at least 3 inches of snow on the ground, I’m supposed to shovel the white stuff out from the three units in my vicinity, along with the stairway.

Depending on how much snow falls, this can be pretty labor-intensive, and it makes my day job seem like one for wussies.

Even so, while shoveling snow is real work, it’s a welcome departure from sorting through press releases, angry voice-mails from readers, cheery voice-mails from New York PR flaks trying to pimp the latest handbag, meeting agendas, criminal reports, lawsuits and corporate directives, among others. I could use a shovel for all of that stuff too, but I digress.

Back to the Yukon Sleigh Shovel, so named because you push it like a sleigh or a lawnmower. This armored vehicle of a shovel, which has a suggested retail of $235.49, is a pretty dandy tool, in large part because of its 23 1/2-inch blade that makes ice removal a breeze.

The Yukon Sleigh Shovel is made for heavy snowfalls of 8 inches or more. It sure beats the other second-class shovels our Association has ” the Suncast Steel Core models.

It’s only early February, but the Suncasts already have been chipped and are pretty much good for nothing ” except the stairway. The Yukon is simply too big for stairways, but the Suncasts work perfectly for this, though you’ll probably churn through several of them by season’s end.


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