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A sister’s plea

I’m writing this letter because I am so tired of hearing my brother, Tony Hershey, criticized for being rude.

Is he short-tempered at times? Yes, but his passion and dedication for his work on City Council far outweighs his abrupt tone. Many of you are only privy to the negative comments Tony has made; I would like to introduce to you another side of Tony Hershey.

Yes, I am his sister and I am biased, but I am also very much aware of how dedicated and ethical Tony is as a councilman and a citizen of Aspen. First of all, the reason Tony came back to Aspen is because our father was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

When my brother realized how grave my father’s situation was, he decided to return to Aspen and help me care for our father. I don’t know many men who would give up their lives as they knew it to return to a small town in order to care for their father through a long and dreadful disease.

The fact that Tony was so dedicated to our father during his time of need, speaks to Tony’s character – that cannot be faked through a smile, that is his inherent nature.

I also know the Tony Hershey who is a Buddy for the Buddy Program. I know the Tony Hershey who helped the high school try and create a speech and debate team. I know the Tony Hershey who worked with the Youth Council. I know the Tony Hershey who supports the youth in our community, who supports the arts in our community and who was out there fighting for hybrid buses to support the environment of our community.

Tony is a person who is not afraid to make a stance and then do whatever it takes to get the job done; personally, I find that commendable.

I have asked my brother why he wants to be on council since he does meet with so much criticism – his answer is always the same: it is because he cares about Aspen. We grew up here and we love this town and we love the memories that it holds for us.

Tony is willing to do whatever he can to uphold the integrity and beauty of Aspen. I watch as Tony takes phone call after phone call from concerned citizens and I listen to him take every concern seriously. Tony truly cares about this community and its future … just as my father did when he was on the council.

I urge you to look past the headlines in the papers and look at his record, look at the fact that he will sit down with anyone at any time and discuss any issue; look at the fact that he knows the law and respects the law; look at the fact that he does his homework; look at the fact that he is willing to dedicate his time and energy to make this community prosper.

Please, vote for the candidate with true character, vote for Tony Hershey.

Lisa Hershey


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