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A simple, safe solution

Dear Editor:

I was recently catching up on my Aspen Times and read last week’s article about the Airport Highway crossing plan. I can’t for the life of me understand why the county wouldn’t simply have the buses make a loop through the AABC, and the airport, for that matter. This is a long overdue need for an area which houses a vast number of our citizens, our businesses, and a college campus. Why should all these people be having to walk, for many, quite long distances, in the dark, in inclement weather, and crossing six lanes of a busy highway?

An extra five minutes on the RFTA schedule would solve the problem without spending millions to do studies, or disrupt our corridor with the building of an overpass or underpass that people probably wouldn’t use anyway. If you are trying to increase ridership on public transportation, and serve your citizens, it is a no-brainer. I urge the AABC community of businesses and residents to speak out before the opportunity is lost to make this aspect of our bus system usable and safe.

Susan Melton