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A shameful remark

Dear Editor:

So, Rabbi Hirschfield says, “… people who say [Abdul Rauf] is a terrorist sympathizer … runs counter to every experience I’ve had with him.” (“Rabbi, ex-mayor weight in on the controversy over Park 51,” Aug. 30, The Aspen Times) This is typical of the pathetic double-speak embraced by magical thinkers of every cloth, whether they be Christians, Jews or Moslems.

What kind of ugly indictment is this? Do you mean, Rabbi, that Abdul Rauf could be a terrorist sympathizer but you’re just unaware of it? So, Abdul might be, right? I mean, he could be. Or maybe not … because, well, he doesn’t seem like a terrorist sympathizer. But you just don’t know for sure, do you, Rabbi?

Well, let me tell you something, you sure don’t seem like a rabbi, either. Shameful.

Patrick Hasburgh

Sayulita, Mexico