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A serious offense

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to Judge Robert Thomas Moorhead and Eagle County probation officer Mary Toh.)Dear Editor:(Regarding People vs. Amanda Wright, Case No. 06CR74)After learning about the outcome of my friend’s vehicular assault-DUI-drug case, I am so appalled – it’s hard to believe it’s true!This is Ms. Wright’s second alcohol offense, both resulting in injury of innocent victims. The DA violated the Victims’ Rights Act by not discussing the plea agreement with Mr. Johnston. How many innocent people are going to be harmed or killed by putting this woman back on the road? The DA’s office should be ashamed; I can’t imagine how the DA can even sleep at night!It is up to you to do justice in this case. I am asking that you reconsider the DA’s plea agreement and protect me and everyone else on our roads by applying an appropriate sentence to Ms. Wright. Someone needs to show her that this is serious; with the current plea agreement, she will not learn anything except that she can continue to get away with harming others. Are you willing to have the next victim on your conscience, or be the next victim?Thank you for your moral, ethical, not to mention legal, consideration of this matter, and hoping you and I don’t have to meet her on the road anytime soon.Ruth SanteRifle