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A senseless slaughter

The most disturbing part of this horrible killing of deer outside Carbondale ” over a period of time ” for no other reason than to kill. No meat taken ” no racks taken ” just wanton killing!

Animal abuse is a well-known factor leading to human abuse.

How long will it be (unless he is put away) before he starts on humans?

The depravity and unbearable cruelty are the unmistakable earmarks of a sadistic person, with no respect for any life! I only wish the penalty were more severe ” more in line with the horror of the crime ” not just a fine, but perhaps a little time in prison. Time to contemplate his senseless slaughter.

I wonder if this jerk is the same one who killed the golden eagle a year or two ago? A killer is a killer forever.

It is a very ugly thing that happened.

Valerie Harriman