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A sense of place

Dear Editor:

We all have a place where we belong, from being a part of creation, to the Earth, to the USA, to Colorado, to Carbondale, to our family and home. I want to talk a little about Carbondale, and define why I feel a sense of place here, a sense of belonging.

A place is a geographical spot, 107 degrees 11′ 15″ west, 39 degrees 30′ north +/- is where Carbondale is. The sense of the place of Carbondale is the geography, which is amazingly beautiful, and the people. My sense of Carbondale is not limited to the town boundaries, but to all who feel this sense of belonging here.

This sense of place is why we are here. It is KDNK, CCAH, the Third Street Center, the schools, Main Street on a Friday night, hiking/biking Red Hill, gazing at Mount Sopris, coffee on a cold morning at the Smithy, the Sopris Sun, the Historical Society, the community bread oven, the golf course, Penny Hot Springs, Mountain Fair, Potato Days, Dandelion Days, fishing the Fork, Avalanche Creek, music, dancing, yoga in the park, full moon cruising, SEI, going out to eat, gardening and so much more.

I live here because of the community, my community. I love the cowboys, the hippies, the yuppies, the rednecks, the old timers, the retirees, the kids, the newcomers – even the transients are a part of Carbondale I support my community. I work here, I play here, I volunteer here, I live here, I shop here, I plan on dying here. This is not the fanciest place, the roads are a bit rough, the shopping is a bit limited, the prices are a bit high, but it is home. I love all of it.

This sense of place brought a lot of us here, and keeps us here. I love the way Carbondale gets things done. We don’t need Carbondale to have the “best” shopping, the “best” roads – we live well with what we have. We have time to wait for the right projects, then we do them. The Village at Crystal River is not the right project for Carbondale. Let’s find the right one, then do it.

Russ Criswell



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