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A sense of entitlement

A recent letter compares Arizona legislation to Nazi round-ups. This is not a valid analogy. Jewish citizens of Germany were sent to extermination camps as were Jewish citizens of all the countries Germany conquered. All Arizona wants is more power to return illegal immigrants to their native country.

Mexicans illegally in the U.S. are not being sent back to face death squads like Salvadorian rebels were in the ’80s. They are not refugees from genocide in Rwanda or Darfur. They are being sent back to Third World poverty. We can understand motives for illicitly crossing the border, but vast undocumented migration is causing a multifaceted crisis in this country where our humane traditions have made us victims of anchor baby scams. Arizona, the state most victimized by illegal immigration, should be supported for finally taking a proactive stance.

Another recent letter calling us all illegals from a Tribal Peoples’ perspective seeks to undermine the validity of the designation illegal. The only immigrations relevant to our present predicament are those since the U.S. was a sovereign nation. Most Americans are descendants of legal immigrants from an era when a growing nation needed abundant manual labor. The reality now is that we cannot afford the social and economic cost of illicit migration.

We need a secure border and documented guest workers, adults only, who are here for a specified and monitored period. Instead we see criminal complicity on the part of employers, landlords, and certain charities. Then there are those who advocate for the illegals either from an ideological agenda or naivete. Between the complicit and the advocates, illegals have been given a bogus sense of entitlement to manipulate our systems to the detriment of all who neither profit from their presence nor feel compelled to protect them from legal consequences.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs


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