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A senator who will protect our water

Dear Editor:Colorado has a clearly defined water problem. With our current practices, we don’t have enough water to easily accommodate our expected population growth. In the past we have shuttled water to other basins with more people. But, this practice is expensive, damages the environment and deprives rural Colorado of its water.We need statewide efficiency and conservation programs to stretch our water supply. But Lew Entz, as our state senator, voted against legislation to create these programs three times – in 2003, 2004 and 2005.Business as usual will not help solve our water issues. Colorado’s metropolitan areas cannot continue to take our water while they lack water efficiency standards.But, Lew has a history of voting for water legislation that benefits metropolitan areas instead of his rural constituency. He sponsored and voted for Referendum A, which would have moved vast quantities of water to the Front Range. Just this year, he failed to vote for a bill that would have improved water quality in rural Colorado.We deserve a legislator who will protect our water – not somebody who delivers lip service about water in rural Colorado and then votes for Front Range interests. Gail Schwartz will be that legislator. Vote on Nov. 7.Martha MadsenAspen

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