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A self-serving, sizable article

Dear Editor:

My gallery of fine art photography is in its 15th year in Aspen, and in that time I have exhibited and sold rare vintage photographs to important museums, collectors and corporate collections of masters from the history of photography.

This summer, I have sold original works by Man Ray, Edward Weston, Edward Steichen, Ilse Bing, Josef Sudek, to name a few, all of which could hang proudly in any great museum. On the contemporary side, I represent important camera artists such as Beatrice Helg, Lynn Bianchi (there’s an exhibit up now of her new work), Luis Gonzalez-Palma and Lalla Essaydi, for example, all of whom have photographs in important museum and private collections. Ms. Helg, whom I have shown in Aspen for 14 years, is represented in Europe by a gallery that has a significant part of the Picasso estate and has sculptures by Giacometti and other classic works, next to which her work hangs.

Yet, The Aspen Times has completely ignored my efforts for so many years that I cannot remember the last time anyone from the publication crossed my threshold. That’s OK; I’ve done quite well without your attentions, but when I see a sizable article about a photo exhibit of the work of one of your employees as though it is some significant event in the world of fine art, I have to laugh and wonder just whom this newspaper is serving. And this is supposed to be the major newspaper in the Athens of the West. What a joke! No need to come around though or patronize me by writing about the gallery now. The people in the valley who know what’s what know where to go.

Joel Soroka



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