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A second opinion

Dear Editor:As painful as it was, I afforded myself the few minutes necessary to view last week’s war protest. As Claude Rains once said, “Round up the usual suspects.” Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Sean Penn all found their way to the podium. What a collective brain trust. After they each had their turn at Bush bashing and spewing their “make peace/not war” diatribe, they were joined by Hanoi Jane. The always perky Ms. Fonda left her helmet and tank at home but the memories of her traitorous actions can never be forgotten.The reporters, demonstrating much more objectivity than I could have mustered, asked each of these foreign policy experts some rather obvious and simple questions about Iraq. Unfortunately, not a one was able to indicate that he had even a basic knowledge of the very events that he was protesting about to put forth a cogent answer.Despite the media comparisons to the Vietnam protests of the sixties, this rally was attended by approximately 30,000 protesters. That’s fewer people than showed up for the Winter X Games on Sunday. I certainly respect all Americans’ right to protest whether it is war, fur coats or country music. But I can’t help but think about the joke where the doctor tells the patient that he has cancer. The patient immediately goes into denial and informs his doctor that there’s no way he has cancer and insists on a second opinion. The doctor quickly adds, “You’re stupid, too.”Several individual groups made up of Islamic extremists have declared jihad on us as well as all infidels who do not convert to Islam. They do not seek dialogue, negotiations or flexibility. They’re message is simple, “Either convert or we will eradicate you and your culture from the face of the Earth.” Not exactly the news we were wishing for. So, like our cancer patient, many of us seek a second opinion.And the Hollywood Left delivers. “Bring all the troops home now. Disengage from any future involvement in Middle East affairs. Ignore these zealots and they will only kill each other. They can’t touch us here in the United States. We are safe. Make peace; not war (unless we’re talking about Bush).”Gee, I feel better already.Rod McClainAspen

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