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A sad ending for bears

Dear Editor:It was painful to read your article regarding the DOW killing the 425-pound bear in Aspen (“DOW kills bear that broke into house,” Aug. 2). You state “This bear right here is not a bad bear,” but the DOW chose to put it down regardless?Give me one good reason why this bear could not have been tranquilized and then transferred to another area. It was not previously tagged, therefore it was not a problem bear. I was in tears when I finished the article and still have a huge lump in my throat just thinking about this. We are invading their territory every day, but we continue to blame them if something like this happens. I just want you and the DOW to know, this made me physically sick to read. P.S.: Once again this morning I see yet another beautiful creature put down for whatever reason – it’s just outrageous that people can’t “get the picture” (Another bears gets put down,” Aug. 4). They were here first, we are intruders.Jackie L. JenningsGrand Junction