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A rush to judgment?

Dear Editor:

The Wilderness Act wasn’t written with Forest Service bureaucrats in mind. It was written to allow citizens to protect the crown jewels and hidden gems of the backcountry from logging, mining, energy development and overuse by humans. We can and do sometimes love areas to death. The “leave no trace ethic” written into the Wilderness Act ensures these protected areas will remain alive and wild for the benefit of the environment and people, including our children and grandchildren.

It’s important to remind ourselves that most of the wilderness we enjoy around here now exists because of the vision and hard work of the people who live here. I urge Forest Supervisor Fitzwilliams to take time and visit the Hidden Gems areas before he makes up his mind. Locals have been working countless hours to identify Wilderness quality lands and to craft a proposal for both the community and Congress to consider. That’s the way it has always been.

Joy Caudill


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