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A rough job done well

Dear Editor:

As a local resident and frequent skier, wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every person involved in the four mountain areas.

Engineers and groomers faithfully maintain the mountains each day and night, around the clock, so that many of us can safely ski in all conditions throughout the entire ski season. A special thank-you to those who are working on the midway to base area of Ajax this year. Great conditions all the way across! All four mountains are maintained with excellence the standard!

Thanks to the medical staff on the slopes, chair and gondola Aspen Skiing Co. employees, restaurant and club employees, ski instructors, as well as ambassadors who add so much with their smiles and hospitality to the experience of Aspen.

It takes many men and women to serve this industry we so greatly enjoy in the Aspen area. I know that my appreciation is felt by many others each and every winter! Thank you each and everyone of you who make Aspen the best place to be!

Lynn Link


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