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A Rocky Mountain low

Dear Editor: I am not a native Colorado resident. I, like many that live here, moved here by choice to enjoy the mountains and all that they have to offer. After living here for a few years now, there is one thing I still do not understand. What is it about living in the mountains that makes the service industry think they can treat the average consumer like complete dirt and expect no repercussions?Just recently while getting my oil changed at Basalt Quick Lube, for a hefty $50 dollars I noticed that their technician managed to get an oil stain inside my car. When I approached the manager of this auto shop, I was treated as if the situation were my fault. Back where I am from, this situation would have simply been handled with an apology and a little elbow grease to get the stain out, and I would have been on my way. Granted, back in Nebraska there are no mountains, and no $50 oil changes for that matter, but what would it take to get some Midwestern values out in the Rocky Mountain West?Adam CornelyCarbondale

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