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A rock-solid opinion from Stone

Dear Editor:Three cheers for Andy Stone! In his column in the Sept. 28 Aspen Times (“No more calls, folks. We have a winner!”), Andy blasted the town of Basalt for their demand that they have input regarding a proposed development in unincorporated Eagle County.I, too, had this reaction when I first heard about it. When Linda Johnson and her co-council members grabbed the commercial development (illegally) from El Jebel, they created one of the worst examples of urban sprawl in our little valley. They also sent a clear signal – give us your tax dollars and leave us alone. Well, now it’s time to return the favor.Dear Basalt, keep your paws and your opinions within those tight little borders you so shortsightedly created. I agree with Mr. Stone (a first, perhaps) – you win the Stupid Government Tricks Award.PJ JaycoxEl Jebel

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