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A Road Trip Travel Kit

Items for the open road

Meg Simon

According to AAA, over 109 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this holiday season. That’s nearly a 34% increase from last year at this time. It seems that we are making up for lost time and traveling greater distances to see the loved ones we’ve been missing. I myself hopped in the car last week on a 22-hour drive to the Midwest. Along with the chaotic state of air travel due to COVID-related staffing shortages, it’s likely you could be hitting the road as well. Besides consuming copious amounts of coffee, bingeable true crime podcasts and the quintessential Sour Patch Kids for a pick-me-up, I also decided to test out some new gear along the way.

1. Sorel Out ‘N About III Classic Duck Boot

As much as I would love to travel in my comfy slippers, I have found that any shoes I wear on a road trip need to be able to stand up to the disgusting cesspool that is the American gas station. A comfy rain boot may seem like an oxymoron, but this pair from Sorel seemed to do the trick. The duckboot style has a waterproof felt upper that maintains an element of coziness while the vulcanized rubber shell keeps the elements out. I appreciated their enhanced traction and elevated sole for slippery parking lots and rest area dog walks. $120

2. Vuori Halo Performance Hoodie

It’s no secret that comfort is key on road trips, but I’m constantly working to find that balance between cold and hot. This hoody from Vuori ended up being a great moisture wicking layering piece with its buttery soft knit fabric. I paired it with my all-time favorite Vuori joggers that are made from the same performance material. It’s the most comfortable combination you can get without strait up wearing your flannel puppy-print jammies on the road. Available in women’s and men’s colors and sizes. $89

3. Peak Designs Tech Pouch

How annoying is it when you’re clocking 65mph on Vail Pass, your phone dies in the middle of the My Favorite Murder podcast and your phone charger is somewhere in the backseat between your dog’s Christmas sweater and that stack of novels you swear you’ll have time to read over the holidays? This pouch is the best cord organizer I’ve seen yet. I keep it on the front seat for easy access to everything from chargers, batteries, and Airpods to lip balm, a headlamp and my pocket journal. The origami-style pockets create great spacial efficiency and the outside of the pouch is durable enough to withstand extensive travel. $60

4. Tecovas Bandanas

I never go anywhere without a bandana stash. On a long roadtrip they come in handy for tons of unforeseen situations. It can be a face mask, a hair tie, a hanky or a napkin just to name a few. I love this new set of three from Tecovas out of Austin, Texas. They are 100% cotton with three different western-style designs and colors. My dog even has one around his neck for some western flair. $25

5. Cotopaxi Del Dia Travel Cubes

I’m a strong believer in packing cubes and rarely travel without them. On this past trip I used this new set from Cotopaxi to add some color to my organization game. The large size is perfect for packing the essentials of a quick overnight hotel stay on the road so I don’t have to haul my entire suitcase inside. Cotopaxi uses repurposed materials for their one-of-a-kind cubes and when you order them, the color combinations are a surprise. They come in three different sizes. $15-20