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A right-wing argument for a left-wing solution

Dear Editor:I say buy the Isis. If the government is going to spend my money on anything, Aspen real estate doesn’t seem like a bad investment. Funny how so often one hears so-called “conservatives” complain that if the government wants open space, affordable housing, etc. that the government should buy it. Then when we have a chance to buy a great asset they say no, that is not the role of government. Thank goodness we didn’t listen to these people when we bought the Red and Yellow Brick buildings. What a great investment in our community that has proven to be. I believe in the free market, but it is not always community-oriented. The free market is basically oriented to a global market. Local government is oriented to a community “market.” I believe the government (which is us – the community) should be part of the free market and when an asset that enhances our community becomes available it is not a bad idea for the community to step up and buy it. Of course it has to make financial and strategic sense, but to say no just because that is “not the role of government” is, to me, a very near-sighted approach. This community is largely about arts and entertainment – the Isis represents an unbelievable opportunity to maintain and, in fact, foster our development of that component of our culture. Add to the fact it is adjacent to the fire house and the future of that block is perhaps the most exciting that we have in town. Wouldn’t it be nice if the community could direct that future change (oh my god, I used the “C” word – “CHANGE”) as a principal (proactive and in control) and not just an approval entity (reactive with little control)?Scott WriterAspen

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