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A revelation while soaking

Dear Editor: I have just finished soaking in my spa here at my modest home in Atlanta at the suggestion of Sven’s recent letter (Aspen Times, Sept. 26). During this wonderful soak I realized the error of my ways and a sense of euphoria came over me. I’m thinking and living all wrong!I have decided to start a movement with the help of others (especially those who reside in Starwood, Missouri Heights, Two Creeks, and of course Sven’s neighborhood) to alleviate the stress of living in America.My proposal starts with all of us selling our homes in Aspen/Snowmass and giving the proceeds to the federal government. We should liquidate all our stock holdings, bonds, commodities, options and turn those proceeds over to the federal government. This idea should spread like wildfire throughout the country and people of like means will start to do the same.Once all our wealth has been given to the feds, the U.S. Treasury will send everyone (U.S. citizens) a check so we can all live in the same little white house with the same little white picket fence. We will all have the same money to spend and no one will have more than their neighbor. We will only have to work a mere 40 hours per week. No more 16 hour days, seven days a week to get the job done. Health care will be free, so who cares if you blow out your knee on Ajax and need an MRI quickly. You’ll get one in a few weeks. Of course, lift ticket prices will be reduced significantly but then the lifts will be scaled back to doubles because the Skico can no longer invest profits in mountain improvements. All those expensive shops in Aspen can become housing for the citizens of Aspen and those who work in Aspen.Uncle Sam takes all the worries and we get all the benefit! I can’t wait to start this process! It will be a turning point in American values and show the rest of the world just how mediocre we can be!Of course we should all remember that the politicians like John Kerry, George Bush, John Edwards, Dick Cheney, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and all the others on top of the political heap will be the only ones with the wealth. As they reside in their castles in Palm Beach, Crawford, Texas, Martha’s Vineyard and Palm Springs, I am sure we will take comfort in our new and safe surroundings. I can just see the laughter on John Kerry’s or RFK Jr.’s face as they jet across America in their Gulfstreams high above the masses.Yep, I am now aspiring to mediocrity! Less stress, no more jealousy, hard work or important decisions to make! Karl Marx would be proud of me. Jim MorganSnowmass Village

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