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A retired crusader’s retort

Dear Editor:

Over the past eight months, I have enjoyed wonderful trips to Europe and Washington state. Upon my return, I read in The Aspen Times that I continue to fight crime and evil in Aspen, as I did for 17 years with the Aspen Police Department. According to The Aspen Times, just last week I was involved in the arrest of an armed individual at Clark’s Market (“One arrested after rifles and scores of ammo found in vehicle,” Aug. 22).

I find this most entertaining as I retired from the APD on Jan. 1, 2008, and to the best of my recollection, I am not currently employed by that excellent department. Perhaps my alter ego, also known as the evil twin, is working there without my being aware of it.

I am enclosing my APD trading card and sending it to Chad Abraham and the staff at the Times in the hope it will clarify this ongoing misidentification. I believe Sgt. Dan Davis was the APD officer involved in this incident and he deserves the misdirected recognition and acknowledgments.

I will take this opportune moment to thank all of the wonderful people I met during my time with the APD. You are what Aspen is all about and I truly enjoyed working for and with you.

Thanks for the privilege of working for the APD and the city of Aspen.

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Dan Glidden