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A response to Ward Hauenstein

Dear Editor:Just so I don’t seem to have a hidden agenda, let me start by declaring unequivocally that I believe that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior, that there is both a heaven and a hell and that the only road to heaven is belief in Christ.Admittedly, I am no biblical scholar, but I have been back and forth through the King James translation of the New Testament three or four times since I’ve been saved and I have never once found a scripture were Jesus has mentioned either Adam or Eve. I believe, as does any Christian, that God created the universe. I am not certain whether the creation story in Genesis is a parable like the story of the Good Samaritan or a spot on historical account like the story of the life of Jesus found in the Gospels. That being said, I do not automatically dismiss more conservative-thinking Christians that believe to their funky soul that the universe we live in is without a doubt 6,000 years old. The fact is that great many questions have been raised about the validity of carbon dating and that the speculative age of the universe has expanded from 50 million to 13 billion years old in the last hundred or so years.For the most part I’m of the opinion that it’s a minor point, and I worry that the constant verbal warfare over evolution versus creationism may fatally obscure the much more pressing issue of heaven versus hell.From your remarks in Saturday’s Aspen Times, it does seem to me, Mr. Hauenstein, that you’ve just traded one supposedly sacred, unassailable truth for another and that the origin of species is your pony. Isn’t that a sort of rigid, fundamentalist mode of thought?As to the notion that religious belief is a gateway drug to war, I would remind you that three of the chief combatant nations in the bloodiest war mankind has fought to this point in time were Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Japan. Not a very spiritual bunch.In closing, although I believe in God in heaven, I also believe that God is everywhere. Most Christians do. It’s mentioned a couple of times during the course of His book.Jerimie RichardsonWoody Creek

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