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A response to the mayor

Contrary to the mayor’s recent letter to the editor, in a casual conversation with me this summer in the alley next to City Hall, Helen told me that there would be NO RFP’s (request for proposals) for the Burlingame projects.

This was in a conversation wherein I was “suggesting” in a usual manner that I wished the city/county would puruse “design-based qualifications” and selections of architects in a more standard and recommended method by the American Institute of Architects, AIA Colorado, etc.

That this comment of Helen’s came up in my recent letter about Truscott is an example of the results in trying to cover two subjects in one letter.

My comments about Truscott and, for that matter, CMC have received about a 4-1 postive response from various people including other local architects. It is surprising that local projects often do not respond to the climate by the inclusion of traditional elements (climatological adapatation) by including things like balconies or appropriate sun shading elements (passive solar).

I apologize on my part for quoting Helen in an article more focused on Truscott. However, the question remains, if the results of Truscott are the result of past administrative decision-making, how is this process really expected to be made better by “fast-tracking,” which normally is prone to more errors?

Sven Erik Alstrom, AIA


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