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A response to Roger

Dear Editor:

We horses of the Roaring Fork Valley noticed your article regarding the ironclad rules of the road for multi-use trails and would like to comment (“A few ironclad rules of the road for multi-use trails,” Roger Marolt, June 10, 2011, The Aspen Times). You seem not to have noticed that not only are we horses much bigger than your puny bikes as well as potentially much faster (have you watched the Kentucky Derby recently?), but if aggravated we can kick, stomp on and even take bites out of your bikes or possibly you on occasion.

Now, mostly we horses tend to be even-tempered and willing to share the trails with you bikers. It is true that we don’t like surprises, so all we ask is that you approach us slowly, speak to us with respect and move a little off the trail to let us pass. A carrot from your backpack could be an incentive for us to regard you kindly. Here and there we will leave a little poop to be sure you are paying attention.

So it is just common sense that we horses are Kings of the Trail, but willing to tolerate bikers who know their place.

Horses of the Roaring Fork Valley

(represented by the Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council, translated by President Shelley Burke)

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