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A rescue well done

Dear Editor:Just wanted to put a good word in for Carbondale’s Emergency Rescue Team. After our son Josh was hit by a car last Friday evening, EMT/paramedics Paul Lutrell, Bryce Halverson, Terry McShane and Ken Motsenbocker were on the scene faster than the “Don’t Walk” signal flashed in the crosswalk, after you’ve just started crossing the street.These highly trained first responders worked “in the dark” in the middle of Carbondale’s busiest intersection. (The light bulbs in at least two street lamps there are burnt out.) They bundled up our broken little boy and transported him to the hospital faster than you can say, “Gee, I wonder how hard it would be to change the light bulbs?”One of the reasons these medics did such a good job is because we (citizens of Carbondale) voted to increase our property taxes for the fire department last year. I remember thinking “those guys don’t need another fire truck,” when I voted for the increase. But it’s not until you have an emergency of your own, that you can appreciate how important these guys (and gals) are! Some of our tax dollars are used to send them to paramedic schools.It is very calming to know that the guys who cradled our frightened little boy in their arms, assessed his injuries and stabilized him for transport to the hospital are the best of the best.Thank you so much, Carbondale Fire and Rescue. You guys rock! By the way, Josh is now home and on the mend.Pat Bingham and Greg FitzpatrickCarbondale