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A republic in crisis

Dear Editor:I thought this was a republic. The voters in Denver decided on decriminalizing reefer Nov. 1. The thugs in the government said no way. The thugs will now apply state law in Denver, which makes criminalization for possession of pot. It’s kind of funny as possession of a firearm is legal in your vehicle according to Colorado state law, but Denver says it’s a crime.What the f— is going on in this country? If the people vote a certain way, that should be the law. Time to ask yourself, who runs this country, because it’s obviously no longer the people? I think this country has turned into a bunch of wimps and the elite know this, yawn … Oh well … time to watch more of the “TV People” on CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS and hear about more bogeymen and viruses coming to get us. By the way, how come no one has decided to investigate the people who shorted the airline stocks before 9/11? (The money trail always leads to the perps. Were some people in this country involved?) How did World Trade Center No. 7 fall to the ground when no plane hit it? A 707 hit the Empire State Building, and it didn’t collapse. Why are all the firefighters in New York City still under gag orders as to what they witnessed on 9/11? I know most of you don’t give a damn, so you better go drink some more Kool-Aid and keep voting for the traitors who signed the Un-Patriot act. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.Tom AndersonAspen Village

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