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A reminder about democracy

Dear Editor:

As a reminder of just how far we really have come …

During the Democratic National Convention in Denver I visited the public library to view an historical display of documents from the Democratic National Convention of 1908, also held in Denver. I was amazed when I read the Democratic Party platform from that convention.


We, the representative of the Democracy of the United States, in National Convention assembled, reaffirm our belief in, and pledge to, the principals of the party.

We rejoice at the increasing signs of an awakening throughout the country. The various investigations have traced graft and political corruption to the representatives of predatory wealth, and laid bare the unscrupulous methods by which they have debauched elections and preyed upon a defenseless public through the subservient officials whom they have raised to place and power.

The conscience of the nation is now aroused to free Government from the grip of those who have made it a business asset of the favor-seeking corporations. It must again become a people’s government, and be administered in all its departments according to the Jeffersonian maxim, “equal rights to all; special privileges to none.” “Shall the people rule?” is the overshadowing issue which manifests itself in all the questions now under discussion.


The Democratic Party stands for Democracy, the Republican Party has drawn to itself all that is aristocratic and plutocratic.

The Democratic Party is the champion of equal rights and opportunities all; the Republican Party is the party of privilege and private monopoly. The Democratic Party listens to the voice of the whole people and gauges progress by the prosperity and advancement of the average man; the Republican Party is subservient to the comparatively few who are the beneficiaries of governmental favoritism. We invite the co-operation of all, regardless of previous political affiliation or past differences, who desire to preserve a government of the people, by the people and for the people and who favor such an administration of the government as will insure, as far as human wisdom can, that each citizen shall draw from the society a reward commensurate with his contribution to the welfare of society.

Perhaps in 2108 this won’t look so familiar.

Michael Fuller


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