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A refute on riding local buses

Dear Editor:I would like to respond to Ms. Schuhmacher’s letter (Letters to the Editor, July 13).First: Bus #324 is an articulated bus, with a governed engine. The bus is incapable of driving the speeds in which you have claimed. This bus in particular is governed at 65 mph.Second: The speed limit in Snowmass canyon is 50 mph. I will not testify that none of our drivers speed, yet 75 mph in the canyon with an articulate bus would be very difficult, if not impossible, to maneuver. Even in a car it’s difficult to maneuver at such a high speed, which brings me to my point. Ms. Schuhmacher, why were you putting yourself in such danger of not only driving 25 miles an hour over the posted speed limit, yet following so close that you were being pelted by the rocks that were eligibly being thrown up by our bus?I say, “Ms. Schuhmacher, to try and prove a point at risking your own safety, you are adding to the problem.” This is an act just shy of road rage. You didn’t take your rage out on the road, but you didn’t hesitate to publish it in the paper.Using the public transportation system (RFTA) limits the number of cars on the highway, which subsequently reduces the risk of an accident. Our overall safety record is excellent, and definitely safer than driving Highway. 82 in your own personal vehicle. Please do not hesitate, as Ms. Schuhmacher suggested, in riding the RFTA buses.I suggest that everyone on 82 slow down, reducing the overall flow of traffic. Let’s keep the highways safe and secure for everyone.Rhonda HunterRFTA EmployeeNew Castle

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