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A real mom fights back

In regards to Laurel Lamont’s letter attacking the Town Mothers of Carbondale, it should first be noted that she is also the wife of Eric Gross, the attorney representing Crystal Marketplace developer Brian Huster. I’m guessing that a good part of her family’s income comes from Mr. Huster’s pocketbook.

Yes, Laurel, the Town Mothers are real mothers and real working professionals who know that basing our town’s entire economy on retail sales is short-sighted and bad economics. We don’t want to trade our town’s most valuable asset – its charm, character and spirit – for the promise of sales tax revenue from a development which will primarily benefit an out-of-state developer and an out-of-state big box corporation.

I agree that we need convenient shopping for everyday goods; however, I think your husband’s client needs to come up with a plan that is more in scale with the property and the town, and a better solution to the traffic problems that this development will create.

I urge all citizens of Carbondale to look carefully at this plan and this developer, and to vote on July 15.

Shelle de Beque