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A real dialogue is necessary

Dear Editor:

I’ve seen the Basalt council do some great things. Moving the Willits application on to the next step was not one of them. Many people are not happy about that.

Also, there are new rules in place to limit public comment. Someone voiced her opinion at the Willits meeting last week and Councilman Glenn Rappaport didn’t like what she said. When it was his turn to speak, he ridiculed her and actually said she should move to another country. Under the new rules, she couldn’t respond. Not listening to the public is bad enough, but treating them like an annoyance is quite another.

I can’t foretell the future; maybe giving Michael Lipkin everything he wants is good for Basalt. But, I do know if council makes an effort to have a real dialogue with citizens, the decisions will have legitimacy and integrity.

The Willits issue isn’t over. The vote is next Tuesday. Please do something.

Jim Paussa